The digital archive is based on material kept at the following institutions:
Budapest History Museum (BTM)
Hungarian National Archives (MOL)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)
Danube Museum in Esztergom, Hungary
The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA)
The Institution of Civil Engineers’ Archive

The Buda Pesth Chain Bridge Digital Archive project was funded by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) through its Research and Development Fund and produced by the Budapest History Museum (BTM).

The project was initiated and coordinated by Sandor Vaci RIBA. Director in charge of the project at ICE was Mike Chrimes MBE.

Editors of the database: Roland Perényi (BTM) and Sandor Vaci RIBA

Editorial Advisor: John Vignoles C. Eng, MICE.

Special thanks to:
Carol Morgan (ICE Archivist)
Béla Mázi (MTA)
Eniko Török (MOL)
Gábor Papp György (MTA)
Péter Farbaky (BTM)
László Szabó (Hungarian Museum of Science and Technology)